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Founded by a New York City based management team with over 22 years experience in the business of delivering complex internet data networks, Light My Site works ubiquitously with all available Internet providers here in New York City, from the large bellwether incumbents to niche fiber providers. 

Light My Site also hopes to help transform the landscape of New York City's emerging tech ecosystem by giving users with little or no options around high capacity fiber providers throughout ALL parts of New York City, the option to either start or join a "Collective User Group" or Co-op of other tenants within their space to encourage Internet Fiber providers to "Light" their space. Giving these users the ability to register without a commitment via a mobile app or our website allows the team at Light My Site to build the necessary return on investment model with all of the 25 major fiber and cable ISP's whom we are partnered with.


Light My Site is the only free mobile app which shows users the availability of commercial broadband providers within commercial office space in New York City. Tenants can easily see availability, pricing and timeframes to install for all available (and verified) Internet fiber and cable providers. Where limited or no fiber options exist, Light My Site has a feature that allows a user to register their office for better connectivity and we use the collective or "Groupon" approach with other tenants in their building to build a Return On Investment model with all of 25 providers whom we work with to find a provider to "Light Their Site". The app is free to download and free to use as the internet providers pay for our installations


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