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Software for Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Managers & Owners that want to receive relevant & timely leads based on their own curated CRM, tenant role or purchased prospect list.


Step 1

The client uploads their own curated CRM or purchased prospect list. At minimum we need the company name, however contact name, address, telephone number, email is better as this contact information is part of the output we generate when there is a Lead sent to the client.

Step 2

LeadSmarty searches the internet and various data sources looking for a specific corporate event that a commercial real estate broker, manager or owner can capitalize on. We have used keywords/ trigger words that are combined with the company name data in order to drive a match/hit which the user can capitalize on by making an extremely timely and opportunistic call or email or forward the lead to a colleague or from a sales manager to a sales person or leasing manager.

Step 3

The client receives the lead from LeadSmarty, included in the lead is the title, the summary and a link to the news story so that it can be read in detail before the call or email is made. In Step 1 you will recall the client uploaded his/ her CRM / prospect list, which is why the client now has the contact name, email & telephone in hand enabling him to reach out to prospect from the golf course, vacation home etc and not have to go back to the CRM to dig it up.