A Retailer's Dream: TAS Mobile App

Trade Area Systems (TAS) has one of the most robust mobile Trade Area mapping and research applications in today's marketplace.

What does TAS Mobile do? From the company's product description:

TAS Mobile on the iPad gives you mapping, demographic reports, aerials and bird-eye imagery as well as access to you company's TAS Unity knowledge-base wherever you are. You have the full-power of TAS Online on a portable platform.

If you deal with potential tenants or clients you can easily answer their questions on-the-fly. TAS Mobile let's you close the deal instead of saying "I'll get back to you on that."

TAS Mobile takes advantage of the built-in camera and GPS in the iPad. Imagine you're out in the field standing in front of a construction site for a competitor. With a few touches of the screen, you can add the site to the competitor database, attach photos from the iPad camera, rate the location using your standard criteria and add comments about anything relevant to the site. Within seconds, this information is available to all the TAS Unity users in your company.

In addition to mapping specific retailer's locations, it also allows users to:

  • Create rings around retail store or point locations
  • Create basic demographic reports
  •  Create basic thematic maps
  • Aerial and bird’s eye photos

Download this app: iPad