PlanGrid: Blueprints on your iPad

Second only to commercial real estate's addiction to the fax machine, is the construction industry's addiction to blueprints... Enter PlanGrid. From a recent TechCrunch article:

PlanGrid is a cloud-based service that delivers blueprints as PDFs directly on the tablet; then people working in the field can use these instead of paper-based versions. When a modification needs to be made, that can be directly noted on the plan, in the app. That is subsequently updated into a new version. PlanGrid’s technology makes the rendering and scrolling of those blueprints significantly faster, too.

Product features include:

  • Always have the current set with you, no matter where you are
  • Page based versioning of drawing revisions
  • Easily upload project files to your PlanGrid cloud account
  • Calibrate and takeoff linear measurements
  • Markup your drawings with the annotation suite
  • Share your markups instantly with your project team
  • Filter your drawings by system, revision, or however you’d like
  • Take progress photos and pin them to your blueprints
  • Attach 8.5x11 pdfs to each sheet for RFIs and specifications

Download the app: iPad