PDF Expert on the iPad

In my efforts to go “paperless” I have started using apps to fill out PDF forms and even sign documents with a stylus on my iPad. In the past I would print the document, fill it out by hand or sign it, scan the document, save it to my computer and then e-mail it out. I now open the document on my iPad and fill it out or sign the document with my stylus, save it to Dropbox, then e-mail it out. There are many different apps for signing documents on your iPad. The first one that I started using was called just that: Sign My Pad. I am always looking for new apps that may be easier to use or may have additional features. So I also have used Softsign, Sign-N-Send, Docusign, and DocuSign Ink.

All of these apps work well and have different features that set them apart from each other. In my efforts to modify a PDF document on my iPad I discovered PDF Expert from Readdle.

With PDF Expert you can:

  • Fill out forms. Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat.Open huge PDF documents in seconds and scroll through them fast and smooth.
  • Sign PDF documents. Sign contracts, agreements or statements with your own handwritten signature.
  • Sync any folder on Dropbox, iDisk, Readdle Storage or WebDAV storage with a local folder on the iPadAnnotate PDF documents.
  • Highlight text, create notes, draw with your finger, underline and strike-through words.
  • Save bookmarks in PDF. This lets you make table of contents for your document right on the iPad.

Source: Readdle.com

Not only does PDF Expert allow you to manipulate a PDF document. It also allows you to sign a document on your iPad and it syncs with Dropbox. Other features allow you to search words within the document, highlight text, create notes, underline and strike-through words. PDF Expert costs $9.99, but has quickly become one of my most frequently used apps. So if you are still wasting paper and ink, try one of the apps.

Download this app: iPad