Motionloft: Google Analytics for Sidewalks

For another incredible example of the HUGE potential data visualization has for commercial real estate, check out Motionloft, if you haven't already. Demographic and traffic information which gets updated once a year by your friendly DOT and US Census Bureau is now obsolete. Motionloft provides "real-world analytics",  similar to what Google Analytics provides for websites.

A couple examples:

Motionloft Pedestrian Report

Business Hours Report

Business Time Density Report

Motionloft provides value across just about all of the CRE-industry covering the real world analytics needs of occupiers, property owners and brokers:

Retailers Comprehensive real-time activity data for site selection and measuring health of existing stores. Support your business strategy with real-world data.

Property Owners Share Motionloft’s Marketing Reports with prospective tenants to gain the advantage over neighboring sites. Stay in touch with the performance of your portfolio.

Brokers Pedestrian and vehicle data on demand. Rich data to provide to your client, include in marketing materials and enhance site selection packages.

It might be time to scrap those old state Department of Transportation ADT counts and take a look at Motionloft.