LeaseMatrix: Dead Simple Lease Analysis

LeaseMatrix is a new, web-based lease analysis tool for tenants and tenant advisors. How is LeaseMatrix different than other lease analysis tools? From their website:

User Friendly Software Don’t be limited by software licenses, downloads or updates. LeaseMatrix’s website allows you to easily summarize every lease proposal – anytime, anywhere.

Share & Collaborate Share every report securely. Part of a larger team? Easily collaborate with team members. Client in another state? Email a secure link to the report which they can access anytime.

Real Time Updates Web-based reports allow for real-time updates. Gone are the days of people using old reports after the deal has changed. LeaseMatrix helps everyone stay on the same page.

Dynamic Calculations Our software calculates all the industry’s standard calculations automatically, including: Effective Rental Rates, Net Present Value, Average Monthly Cost, Total Cost Per Annum and more.

Interactive Charting Every report includes an interactive chart which graphs the costs of each lease proposal allowing for quick comparisons and decisions.

Google Mapping LeaseMatrix automatically maps each building’s address, allowing viewers to immediately identify each property’s location and its surroundings.

In four steps, users can generate elegant, easy to understand lease analysis reports, like the one below.

View a live example of a Lease Analysis Report.

If a tenant is considering more than one location, LeaseMatrix also generates a Lease Comparison Report, which allows users to compare each deal, side-by-side.

View a live example of a Lease Comparison Report.

As shown in the video above, it takes less than 5 minutes to create these reports. The input screens are intuitive and easy to understand. They even have pop-over definitions on each screen in case the user is unfamiliar with certain industry jargon, such as "Base Year Stop".

LeaseMatrix has also set up its own User Forum, which allows users to submit suggestions for new features and improvements, along with a Knowledge Base which walks through every step of the analysis creation and reporting process.