ClientLook’s Virtual Assistant

If you’re not familiar with ClientLook, it’s a cloud based CRM developed specifically for CRE. There are several different ways you can use it – as an easily accessible repository for your contact/calendar info that syncs with your other apps, a project collaboration tool and/or a way to keep track of all your deal activity. And if the social Scoop feature wasn’t enough to make you give it a try, maybe the new Virtual Assistant feature will. ClientLook provides you with a phone number and email address to send new contact information (including scanned business cards), appointments, notes or other ClientLook related tasks. A real live person transcribes the message, adds the information to your account then sends back a confirmation.

The VA service will also take contact imports if you’re just getting started with ClientLook. Existing users can have email or large client lists imported in to their accounts. And if you need a new group or project created, your ClientLook VA can do that, too. Just about any task related to adding data to your account is covered. Personal tasks, however, are out of scope - you'll still have to make your own dinner reservations and clean up your contacts or projects yourself!

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a big hit. About the only glitch was that sometimes agents forgot to identify themselves or didn’t speak clearly - issues easily rectified by the user. But there is no long list of prompts to answer – just talk and they’ll take over. One more way to save you time so you can make more money.